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Temporary work is the future!

Temporary work is an instrument of flexible personnel management, promotes the labor market and contributes to economic growth. The advantages of this personnel policy are obvious:

  • Compensation of order peaks and seasonal fluctuations

  • Downtime is not your responsibility

  • no effort for payroll accounting

  • no adjustment effort

  • no obligation to notice periods

  • Search and selection of new employees for permanent employment

  • Fast availability of specialists is guaranteed

  • long-term employment is also possible

Use this opportunity to make your company more competitive. Keep your staff at a secure level and cover the excess with our specialists.



How and when? The best advice!

Many companies do not, or only to a limited extent, use the potential contained in a good human resources policy. This is where massive cost savings can be made. As your competent partner, we will show you how you can react better to order fluctuations in the future. This allows you to plan better in the long term and create security.


We value customer proximity and personal advice. Let our qualified employees support you, because together we can find and implement the best way for you.

Work Desk

As a further business solution, we recommend that you place the entire personnel policy in our experienced hands. You no longer have to worry about recruiting, accounting and administration of the staff and can fully concentrate on your core business. You benefit from:

  • a competent contact person for all personnel issues

  • Savings on wage, administrative and additional social costs

  • a leaner company

  • short decision paths

  • an overall more effective HR strategy


So let us optimize your personnel policy and make it more effective. Make your company more competitive and rely on outsourcing with H+R Personaldienst.

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