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Are you looking for work?

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We have long-term work for you!

At H+R we can offer you what you need: work. And not only that, because temporary work is much more. It stands for flexibility and individual work opportunities. Here you can gain new experiences, get to know different fields of work and continue your education optimally. Not infrequently there is even the possibility of being taken over by a company. Due to fair working conditions, we can draw on a workforce with many years of service and very good technical knowledge.

Mr. Bracha, for example, has been with us since 2001:

"I enjoy my work! It's varied and interesting  and gives me financial security. I also learn something new every day.”

So come to us and let our competent and friendly staff advise you. We give you a new perspective!

Private Recruitment

We are not only a temporary employment agency, but also have a license for private employment agencies. This means that you leave your application data with us and we can then propose you as an employee to various companies based on your performance profile. The advantage for you is that we know exactly what our corporate customers need for employees. This results in a very high placement rate.

What will it cost me?

A CV and your time for at least two interviews! For our services, we receive a brokerage commission from our customers as soon as an employment contract is concluded. In addition, our services can also be billed using a placement voucher from the Employment Agency. You will receive this, for example, if you are entitled to unemployment benefits and have been registered as unemployed for at least six weeks in the last three months. You will not incur any financial expenses as a result!

  • How does temporary work actually work?
    You will receive a permanent employment contract from us. Then we send you to our customers where you do your work. They are always used for customers who have a temporary staff shortage (e.g. due to illness, deadline pressure or a surplus of orders).
  • Where will I be employed later, at H+R, or at the company that uses my work?"
    You are employed by H+R and receive your employment contract and wages from us, no matter where you do your work.
  • Can the company I work for take me on?"
    Yes! Of course she is allowed to do that. This even happens to over 40% of our employees, and the trend is rising.
  • What happens if H+R no longer has work for me?"
    Don't worry about it. Normally you move straight from one job to the next. If this is not the case, it is legally stipulated that you will still receive your wages from us.
  • What does my employment contract look like?
    You will receive a completely normal employment contract from us, which is based on the industry-specific collective agreements. This also includes a completely normal vacation policy as well as continued payment of wages in the event of illness, etc.
  • What if I have to work away from home?"
    Then you will of course receive additional benefits in the form of a bonus. This can mean a salary increase of up to 60%. However, if you don't want that, we will find a solution together here too.
  • How can I apply to H+R?
    Simply apply by post, email, our Online application form or by telephone with us. Together we will then arrange an appointment for your interview.
  • What do I have to consider during an interview?
    Not very much. Just bring proof of everything you've done before. This includes training, jobs, seminars as well as driving licenses or similar.
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